The perfect season package for vacation homes, seasonal rental properties, or keeping your home pest free through every season!


BugMasters White Glove Pest Insurance: The Okanagan’s finest homeowner package, tailored to suit your needs.

Keep your summer home, vacation property, or seasonal rental free and clear of pests while you’re away! If you’re a permanent resident, keep your home pest free all year round! Spiders in your basement? Ants on your patio? Wasps EVERYWHERE? Relax, White Glove Service from BugMaster Pest Control has you covered. This all-inclusive protection package covers you for everything, from ants to wasps, spiders to squirrels. If you have a low pest tolerance or are perhaps new to the Okanagan and just aren’t used to the volume and variety of native species that inhabit our pristine valley, let us take the burden of keeping your home pest free.


Our service includes a combination of:

Interior perimeter sprays with a broad spectrum, contact insecticide to keep anything creepy or crawly away from you and your family.

Our pyrethrin sprays are not toxic to mammals while being highly toxic to insects. When kept dry and away from the harsh UV rays that Kelowna and the rest of the Okanagan experience, our sprays provide extended relief from most insects, meaning a technician will only have to treat inside your home twice per year (typically spring and fall) to maintain an active interior barrier – minimally invasive!

Exterior perimeter sprays focused mainly throughout the summer months.

Let’s be honest, winter is winter pretty much everywhere. But summertime in the Okanagan is truly something special. Did you know, that Kelowna alone gets an influx of over 600,000 people during the summer each and every year? Apparently our secret is out! Well, guess what? The same things that draw hundreds of thousands of people here every summer are the very things that make our valley one of the most hospitable habitats from insects in all of Canada. To counteract the unwanted visitors, we get started early. Come spring, our technicians will be “buzzing” about the Okanagan setting up base and roofline perimeters on all of our WG customers’ houses. For the exterior, we use the same product as we do inside. Rainwater and UV rays will break down our exterior sprays much quicker than inside, so we have to visit every six weeks or so to maintain a strong exterior barrier. These, of course, you don’t even need to be home for, because we don’t need to come inside!

Supply and install tamper-resistant mouse bait stations.

Mice are a real problem as the weather begins to get colder. On our white glove service, we provide the necessary tools to eliminate these unwanted guests before they become a risk. Our mouse bait stations provide a safe and inviting environment for mice to feed. They are made of a hard plastic material and locked tight, so only your designated BugMaster service technician can open them.


Once again, never fear, for Pest Insurance is here! Although we love to visit our customers as much as possible, sometimes emergencies happen. If you spot an issue between our visits, all you need to do is pick up the phone and schedule an emergency service. This is ideal for people who are renting their property out, if your tenant experiences any pest issues we are here to take care of such emergencies in your absence! Our technicians will respond within 72 hours to keep your home safe. BugMaster Pest Control Golden Ant

Other discounted services available to Pest Insurance customers include:


 Live trapping of most small mammals and rodents (Raccoons, Squirrels, Packrats etc.)


 Attic/Crawlspace fog applications


 Exterior exclusions for birds and rodents (Bats, Sparrows, Squirrels etc.)


 Injections for various crawling insects (Millipedes, Centipedes etc.)


 And much more!

So, are you ready to leave your pest problems in the hands of the professionals?

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    WHITE GLOVE SERVICE PROGRAM (WGSP) White Glove Service Program includes rodent baiting and/or trapping, wasp bags, on call for emergencies, BugMaster Protected window sticker, and applied discount on other services