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BugMaster’s Inferno System is THE solution to eliminate bed bug infestations.

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This non-chemical, eco-friendly approach penetrates wall cavities, mattresses and other hard to reach locations to kill bed bugs wherever they might be hiding. Inferno will also kill all of the growth stages of the bed bug including the eggs. This is important, given that most current pest control techniques will not kill bed bug eggs. In other words, BugMaster’s Inferno System can usually eradicate the entire bed bug population in a single treatment. Another plus to inferno is that using heat usually allows our customers access to their property the very same day.

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The Inferno System: Kill Bed Bugs with Heat

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Bed Bugs are a big problem…


In 2004 NPMA estimated a 500% increase in the preceding 3 years. The resurgence of bed bugs that started in the mid 1990s is probably due to a combination of factors briefly explained in 5 main points:

  1. Bed bugs are excellent hitch hikers and due to the decline in travel costs, more people have visited the Okanagan valley and more people from the Okanagan valley have travelled abroad.
  2. The greater use of integrated pest management techniques by pest management professionals (including BugMaster) where infestations are treated in a targeted manner (Ex. baits for cockroaches) allows insects in untreated areas of the ecosystem to increase.
  3. Although mostly eliminated in North America after World War 2, bed bugs remained prevalent in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and Europe where heavy reliance for about the last 15 years on pyrethroid pesticides for control measures for bed bugs resulted in resistance. Most current pesticides labeled for bed bugs are pyrethroids.
  4. The removal from the marketplace of several different classes of pesticides that previously had given very effective control and the removal of bed bugs from most remaining product labels because no need was perceived.
  5. The unfamiliarity of physicians and the public at large with bed bugs, which allows infestations to increase until the diagnosis/identification is corrected and proper treatment rendered.

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