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With the proliferation of primarily rats, but also including mice, bats, raccoons and bird activity in the Okanagan, it is not uncommon to find attics (and other areas of the home) severely soiled by feces and urine. These infestations leave areas of your home riddled with droppings that may contain Hantavirus and other pathogens, which are hazardous to your health and a healthy living environment. Ridding the space of these uninvited guests is of primary importance.

Remediation efforts involve removal of the existing soiled insulation (usually down to the vapor barrier) barring access holes, sanitizing, bacteria spraying, and reinstallation of fresh insulation. As many older homes are not up to current insulation code we are able to provide the required R50 thermal barrier through this process.

Cost quotations are supplied for the entire process alleviating the necessity for homeowner to acquire individual quotes for the various steps. Our insulation technicians are widely regarded as the best in the industry. We use only the best bacteria spray available and are constantly in touch with laboratories for updates to the performance capabilities. Combined with years of experience in rodent control we can assure you of unparalleled quality and service.

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BugMaster pest control Kelowna - rodent droppings
BugMaster pest control Kelowna - soiled insulation and rodent droppings

Extreme caution is required to clean these infected spaces due to the probability of air born micron sized spores.

Proper protocols must be followed to ensure technician safety in returning your home to a sanitary like-new condition.

BugMater Pest Control - soiled insulation


BugMaster pest control Kelowna - thermal soiled insulation from pest infestation


BugMaster pest control Kelowna - new insulation

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BugMaster pest control Kelowna - mold damage in attic


Any accumulation of moisture accompanied by little or no air movement is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Improperly installed or deteriorated bathroom vent tubes, insulation clogged soffits, lack of chutes, inoperable whirly birds or “cold spots” (caused by insulation settling or home repairs done through the attic) all have the potential to promote mold growth in the attic. Unknown to many is that mold can proliferate under warm or cold conditions (just check the outdated cheese in the refrigerator). Over time, mold can cause major structural damage as the raw wood is digested, thereby weakening the load bearing capability.

These conditions can become unhealthy to the occupants, generally causing conditions similar to hay fever, asthma, and/or other cold like symptoms. Often times children, or adults with depleted immune systems, are the first affected.  The remediation process involves killing mold growth on the roof sheathing and trusses. This is a chemical treatment designed to suffocate the spores and eliminate further growth. After drying, the exposed timbers in the full attic area are treated with a spray on borate “sealer” that will not allow mold to attach itself to the wood. In severe cases it may be necessary to scrape the affected timbers.

BugMaster pest control Kelowna - technician removing moldy insulation

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Pricing depends on the severity of the mold, size of the attic, and the repairs needed to eliminate the root cause.  In addition we offer Air Quality Sampling with written laboratory analysis, on request.


Assured Insulation is a subsidiary of BugMaster Pest Control