Powderpost Beetle

Bye Powderpost Beetles!

They are commonly known as the Powderpost Beetles because their larvae produce a very fine, powder-like dust that they lightly pack behind them as they bore into the wood. Depending on the species, adults are about 1/32-1/4” long with their bodies being elongated, narrow, and flattened, almost parallel-sided. Colour is reddish brown to black.

Powderpost beetles rarely infest wood older than five years old. They only attack sapwood of hardwoods with large pores; for example, oak, hickory, ash, walnut, pecan, and many tropical hardwoods including bamboo. They re-infest seasoned wood until it disintegrates. Adult activity is greatest in late winter or early spring.  They are inactive during the day, concealing themselves in cracks and holes in wood, but become active at night.

Most powderpost beetle’s infestations are present in wood before purchase, therefore prevention and control should begin at the lumber mill and where wood products are stored and manufactured.

Identify Powderpost Beetles

  • Colour: Reddish brown to black
  • Shape:elongated, narrow, and flattened, almost parallel-sided
  • Size:1/32-1/4”


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