Field Ant

Bye, Bye, Field Ant

They are called field ants because they prefer nesting in the open, but will also nest in woodlands (soil, decayed logs). They are rarely found inside of homes but are common around the home or building outside. Their mounds (which can reach over a foot wide) may create unsightly lawns.

If nests are disturbed the ants may aggressively swarm and bite the intruder. Their bite can pierce skin, and they can spray formic acid which leaves a wound-like sting.

Identify Field Ants

  • Colour: Ranging in black, brown, yellowish colour or bi-coloured red and black.
  • Shape: Profile unevenly rounded on upper side; segmented; 6 legs
  • Size: Medium to large ants; 1/8-3/8” (3-9mm)

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