Fire Ant

Extinguish the Fire Ant!!

Be wary of these red ants! The variation found in British Columbia, is the “European Fire Ant”. This ant will rapidly swarm and sting when its nest is disturbed. Unlike many of the ants in BC, the fire ant has a stinger and is inclined to use it. The European fire ant injects venom under the skin that initially burns then itches for a few days to a week. Some individuals experience very serious reactions to these stings, and need hospital treatment.

Irrigated lawns and gardens and a moderate coastal climate, make for ideal conditions for fire ants to establish dense colonies. When it is warm and humid the ants become more active and are highly prone to swarm and sting.

Identify Fire Ants

  • Colour: Red/reddish brown, some with a darker head
  • Shape: Constricted waist with 2 segments
  • Size: 4-5 mm

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