German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches – They Are the Wurst.

The German cockroach is one of the most common subspecies of the cockroaches. Unlike other subspecies, these cockroaches rarely glide or “fly”. Despite their name, these cockroaches are found all around the world, and not just in Germany. Having cockroaches around can be unnerving and annoying, but the detection of German cockroaches has also been implicated in outbreaks of illness and the transmission of various of pathogenic organisms.

German cockroaches are similar to humans in their preferred hangouts, seeking out warm (21⁰ C) and humid climates that have easy access to food and water. This preference typically leads these pests to kitchens, bathrooms, and areas where people eat and drink often, such as dens.

75% of their time is spent hiding in cracks or crevices located near a preferred hangout. German cockroaches will rarely migrate from building to building and are typically introduced into living spaces via paper products, grocery bags, cardboard boxes, and second-hand appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves and televisions.

They feed on almost anything with nutritive value including all kinds of human and pet foods. They will even feast on odd items you might leave lying around your home including soap, glue, and toothpaste.


Identify German Cockroaches

  • Colour: light brown to tan except for 2 dark, almost parallel longitudinal stripes on their prenatal shield. Females tend to be darker than males
  • Shape: body thin and slender, posterior abdomen is tapered, terminal segments of abdomen visible on males and covered by wings on females
  • Size: 5/8″ inches long


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