Granary Weevils

Little evil weevils…

Granary Weevils have been a massive pest for centuries and are present worldwide in cooler climates.
Weevils typically seek out grains for their food source and bore into the grains themselves to lay eggs. Granary weevils has wings, however through evolution, they have become small and useless, so they are typically confined to stored grain and are often transported by human movement of resources.
In their larval stage, the weevil usually requires a whole grain kernel for development. Granary weevils attack all kinds of grains and grain products, wreaking havoc on farmers across the country. When in danger, weevils forget their are insects momentarily and draw their legs into the air, playing dead like a possum.


Identify Granary Weevils

  • Colour: Usually shining reddish brown but sometimes nearly black. Larvae are legless, white in colour with a tan coloured head
  • Shape: Typically small, changing to the size of the grain in their environment. Adults are distinguishable by their long snouts.
  • Size: 1/8 – 1/4” long


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