Phorid Flies (Humpbacked/Scuttle/Coffin Fly)

Adios Phorid Flies!

The common name of Humpbacked comes from their humpbacked profile when viewed from the side which is due to the small head and prominent pronotum, while that of scuttle fly refers to their habit of running about in an active erratic manner, and that of coffin fly because they commonly breed in human corpses.

Phorids are mainly nuisance pests but there are cases of larval infestation of wounds, intestines, and eyes of humans. Adults are 1/64-1/4” long; with a characteristic humpbacked appearance in lateral view. Phorid flies are usually black, brown, or yellowish.

Adults can often be found at flowers or on larval food materials which consist of moist decaying organic matter. Larvae breed in a wide variety of moist decaying organic matter which includes dung, vertebrate and invertebrate carrion, fungi, and decaying plant matter. Some are parasitic on a wide variety of invertebrates including many insects and other arthropods. In structures, breeding materials can include moist organic film lining drain pipes, the moist residue in the bottom of trash receptacles, the moist material found in the cracks of and under kitchen equipment, in elevator pits, in garbage disposals, in rotting vegetables and meats, dirty moist mop heads, faulty septic systems, etc. In offices, overwatered plants are often the source.

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