Silverfish & Firebrats

Silverfish- Not quite a trophy catch.

The name “Silverfish” is used as a common reference for species of this group that are typically covered by silvery scales. These critters are also known as firebrats and bristletails, depending on what climate they live in. The species that are found in high temperature climates typically gain the name firebrat.

All species prefer to hide during the day in small cracks or holes. They can be found almost anywhere in a home including your living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement and attic. Silverfish feast on both carbohydrates and proteins and even resort to cannibalism. They are not picky and will go after many of your household items such as paper, linen, cotton, carpeting, and dried foods. Silverfish are known to roam around a home until they find a suitable food source, which they will live close to until that source has depleted. Silverfish can survive for weeks on end without food or water, so starving them will never be a viable solution.

Silverfish have been known to infest entire structures such as offices, stores, and libraries. Once inside a structure, they can cause widespread damage to valuable possessions and can breed inside wall voids, under the subflooring and in attics.

Identify Silverfish

  • Colour: Silver to gunmetal, often scaley or tarnished in appearance
  • Shape: Stout body covered in silvery scales, usually identifiable by 3 unique “tails” coming off their rear
  • Size: 1/2 – 3/4” long


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