Tree Squirrels

Adios Tree Squirrels!

The common name reflects that these squirrels are found only in areas where there are trees because trees are where they build their nests, avoid most predators, and often harvest food. Tree squirrels frequently enter attics and become pests, and outdoors they can cause considerable damage to electrical and telephone cables; they are of minor medical concern.

Depending on the species, adult’s height is about 6-15” and tail length 4-14”. Their colour can be white, greyish, yellowish, reddish, or brownish above with belly pale or dark. There are 3 main species of tree squirrels that most often enter structures and cause problems. They enter primarily attics and garages for shelter, to store food, and/or nest, activities which can result in damage to the structure and/or its content.

They are often abundant in any kind of forest, hardwood, coniferous, or mixed, and are common around buildings. They are active year-round, especially in the morning and evening, but are occasionally out after dark. They feed on a great variety of seeds, nuts, berries, bird eggs and young, and fungi. They usually nest in tree cavities or branch nests of leaves, twigs, and bark, but also nest in fallen trees and ground cavities.

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