How do you get rid of bed bugs travelling? Have you discovered the little critters in your home? Do you need an affordable/portable way to detect bed bugs?

Are you a nervous wreck every time you stay in a hotel because of the chance of bed bugs? Do you, too, live in fear of the ninja bugs who sneak out at night to attack whilst you’re sleeping, totally unaware!? Only to awaken and find yourself covered in little red bite marks that are itchier then heck? Have no fear! Travel Kits are here!

No longer will you have to dread the call to the exterminators to treat bed bugs who have hitchhiked on your belongings and set up shop in your home. Now you can take your vacation safety and peace of mind to a whole new level.

We offer a small selection of handy little kits and tools that you can take with you on the road, wherever you go:

Dissolvable laundry bag


Laundry bag goes directly into washing machine.

During travel 

  1. Place dirty laundry directly into Dissolvable Laundry Bag
  2. Securely tie the laundry bag BEFORE placing back into your suitcase
    – keep bag tied for remainder of trip.

At home

  1. Place Dissolvable Laundry Bag directly in washing machine
    – Do NOT untie laundry bag.
  2. Wash in washing machine with hot water for full cycle
  3. The laundry bag will dissolve in hot water and kill bed bugs and their eggs
    – will not leave a residue.

Note: For non-washables, use dryer on high heat for 40 minutes to kill potential bed bugs.

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Quick-Response Bed Bug Detection Kit

Quick-Response Kit allows you to quickly determine and trap potential bed bugs that are hidden in furniture or bedding. The trap utilizes Carbon-Dioxide and Heat to simulate your body, in order to draw the bed bugs out from their hiding spot.


  • Mimics your sleeping body by generating carbon dioxide and heat to actively attract bed bugs from their hiding places
  • Textured rubberized outer rim helps the bugs to climb easily into the trap and become stuck on the glue
  • Warming pad draws bed bugs to the Detection Trap, the same way they are attracted to a sleeping body
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Deluxe Travel Kit

Protect yourself from bed bugs even while travelling!


Features all the necessary tools to detect & eliminate bed bugs from your hotel bed.

Using the Activator Solution, fill the bottle to the indicated level with water. Pour into the CO2 Generator and attach it to the detection trap heat pad. Leave for two (2) hours. After two (2) hours if no bed bugs are detected, Sleep Easy!

If bed bugs are detected/found: ask for a different room; if another room is not available, use the gloves and flashlight to inspect your bed/mattress. Use the Bed Bug Killing Spray to kill and prevent the spread of bed bugs. Put your belongings in the dissolvable laundry bag until you return home and place directly into the washing machine (bag also) for washing.

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Home/Travel Kit


The Bed Bug Travel Protection Kit contains everything you need to protect yourself against bed bugs. The Kit specializes in mimicking your sleeping body by generating carbon dioxide and heat to attract bed bugs from their hiding places. Simple and effective, you’ll know within an hour if your bed is possibly infested with bed bugs!

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