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The Okanagan Valley is home to some of the most destructive termites in North America, causing thousands of dollars in damage each year.  All structures are at risk including brick, steel and timber construction. Because they are subterranean, they commonly enter through tiny cracks in the foundation or basement in and around your home. Termites are secretive by nature and are rarely seen until the damage has been done.

So, how can you protect your property from this threat?

First you need to have an assessment done by a qualified pest control professional. BugMaster not only provides this for free, we also advise on various control options that would be appropriate. In many cases a full sub slab injection is required to ensure termination. Other options include spot treatment, sill plate injection, borate foam spray, and timber sealant.

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Termite Damage Is No Joke

Okanagan Termite Hot Spots

Termites are in the Okanagan, more than you may think! Here are some termite hot spots that BugMaster has exterminated. Is your home in or near a hot spot?

BugMaster Pest Control | Kelowna Vernon Penticton | Okanagan Termite Hot Spots
BugMaster Pest Control | Kelowna Vernon Penticton | Okanagan Termite Hot Spots
Bugmaster pest control Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon - free termite inspection


BugMaster will inspect the house and provide a detailed report on the following:

  • Evidence of wood boring insects
  • Severity of damage caused
  • Susceptibility of building to infestation
  • Remedial or protective measures required
  • Further investigations needed

Unless otherwise instructed, we conduct a non-invasive inspection of areas within the property boundaries. We supply a written report on the findings as recommended and outlined by the Ministry of the Environment.

Tell Tale Signs

  • Sawdust-like “powder” near doors, windows or garage
  • Stray wings left near doors, windows or garage
  • Tiny holes on any wood surfaces in or outside of your home
  • Paint that has started to bubble on wood surfaces
  • Mud tunnels lining the foundation of your house, either inside or outside or the obvious sign…
  • Flying termites — inside your house. They can often be seen near sources of light (ironic, since sunlight is their enemy … they may be smart, but they’re not geniuses).
Bugmaster pest control Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon - termite tubing on wall
Bugmaster pest control Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon - spraying a foundation for termite prevention

Construction Precautions

Building a home from the ground up is many peoples dream. If you are building in know termite areas (and there are many throughout the valley) it would be prudent to take precautions against inevitable invasion. These little pests can quickly turn dreams into nightmares.

Our services range from:

  • Pre-treatment of footings and basement area
  • Sill plate guards
  • Full drip conduit
  • Early warning systems

Getting It Right

The Procedure

BugMaster has a number of treatment choices to protect your home from subterranean termites (white ants). We continually test products and techniques to make sure you get only the most up to date service with the best possible results. With BugMaster there is no “one size fits all” approach.  First, a qualified government licensed technician will assess your home, inside and out, in order to identify the right method of remediation. We consider factors such as degree of infestation, construction materials, environmental concerns, cosmetic considerations, and of course your budget.

Our Termite Termination Plan utilizes only the best products available from the worlds most respected environmental science companies. Before starting any work at your home we want you to be satisfied that you have chosen the right company to meet your needs. All documents listed below will be presented to you prior to commencement:

  • Copies of Technicians Licenses
  • Copy of Application License
  • City and Provincial License
  • Liability insurance (1M)
  • National affiliation certificates
  • Remediation contract
  • Actual invoice
  • Product identification (MSDS) sheets
  • Warranty certificate
  • Termite information
Bugmaster pest control Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon - termite and alite

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